Mr. Bean success story/Biography (मिस्टर बीन सफ़लता की कहानी)

Mr. Bean real name is: Rowan Atkinson        

Rowan Atkinson was born into a middle-class family.   

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He suffered terribly as a child because of his stuttering, He was also Teased and Bullied at school because of his looks. His bullies thought he looked like an Alien. He was soon marked as "STRANGE" and became a very shy, Withdrawn kid who didn't have many friends so he dived into science. 

One of his teachers said:  "There was nothing outstanding about him. I didn't expect him to become a Fantastic Scientist". 

So after getting his degree e decided to pursue his dream and become an ACTOR. So he enrolled in a comedy group. But again his stammering got in the way. 

While starting for his Masters, Rowan Atkinson co-created the "Strange, surreal and non-speaking character" known as "Mr. Bean". even though he had success with other shows, "Mr. Bean" made him globally famous. 

either we fill it with our best work or 
we allow to slip away with our Unfulfilled dreams. 

But he proved everybody wrong and got admitted at OXFORD UNIVERSITY. During his days in Oxford, he started falling in love with acting, but couldn't perform due to His Speaking Disorder. So he got his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering before appearing in any movie or TV show. 

A lot of TV shows rejected him. He felt devastated. But despite the many rejections he never stopped believing in himself.

 He had a great passion for making people laugh & he knew that he was very good at it. So he started focusing more and more on his original comedy sketches. And soon realized that he could speak fluently whenever he played some character. 

"I found that whenever I played a character other than myself, the stammering disappeared" but even though he found a way to overcome his stuttering, he also used it as an inspiration for his Acting. 

So despite all the Obstacles, he faced because of his looks and speaking disorder, he proves that even without a heroic body or a Hollywood face you can become one of the most loved and respected actors in the world.   

Today he has a net worth of $130 Million and he's one of the most popular actors and comedians in the World. 

The motivational success story of Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson with fans

The motivational success story of Rowan Atkinson is so inspiring because it teaches us to be successful in life the most important things are Passion, Hard-work, Dedication and Never giving up! 

Because without caring about our feelings and weaknesses everyday life places Obstacles on our path to success. Those obstacles come as failures, other people's opinions, Rejections, Self-doubt but life also rewards those who are willing to keep moving forward. 

Each new day comes with it an important choice to be made: 

You don't have another life. The hours are going to pass anyway. How are you gonna fill your day? With hard work and determination to succeed? 

or with crying about the past and feeling embarrassed about your failures and weaknesses? It's impossible to reach success without facing failures. Setbacks and failures are inevitable in life, we can't prevent them from happening but we can choose how to handle them. 

No one is born perfect. There is not a single person on this planet who hasn't failed at something. Don't be afraid. People can accomplish amazing things every single day in spite of their weaknesses and failures. So go and do the best you can with the one life you've got. 

So what's your story

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